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Free Accounting Software from Icebergo is one of the simplest yet feature rich and comprehensive Inventory based Point of Sale (POS) Billing, Invoicing and Accounting Application available for free download on the Internet. The User Friendly Microsoft Access Interface of the Software makes it even more familiar to all users of Microsoft Office packages worldwide.

Designed in Microsoft Access 2007 and deployed with the Microsoft Access Runtime (for those who do not have a full version of Microsoft Access on their Computer), the Free Accounting Software provides the right Small Business Book Keeping tool for Point of Sale (POS) Billing, Inventory Control, Stock Re-order, Purchase Order Preparation and Contacts Management.

The Free Version of Icebergo Accounting Software Contains the Purchase, Sales and Admin Module, which makes it a favorite freeware for Point of Sale (POS) Billing, Purchase Order Preparation and Inventory Management of all types of Business Units, Shops, Malls, Stores, Warehouses and any other Outlets which involve in buying and selling of goods and commodities.

The Icebergo Accounting Software comprises of seven modules, of which three modules which make up 70% feature of the Program is offered as Free Download in the Freeware The Seven Modules of the Icebergo Accounting Software are as detailed below:

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Icebergo Accounting Software

PURCHASE Purchase Order, Purchase Log, Daily Purchase Report, Goods Receipt Voucher

SALES Sales Invoice, Sales Bill, Moving / New / Critical Items Report, Estimate, Delivery Note, Stores Demand Issue Voucher (SDIV)

PAYMENTS Statement of Payable, Payable Summary, Payment Voucher

RECEIPTS Statement of Receivable, Receivable Summary, Receipt Voucher

LEDGERS Account Balance, Book Balance, Journal Voucher

STATEMENTS Item List, Price List, Stock Update, Stock Re-order, Sales / Purchase Statement, Sales / Purchase Tax, Profit Report

ADMIN User Level Access and Posting of Invoices and Journals

free version vs full version

The General (Latest & Full) Version does not contain sample data and includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Additional Statements and General Ledger Feature which is not available in the Free Accounting Software Version. The General Version comes with all mention of Free Version replaced with General Version and allowing blank spaces on headers and footers for taking printouts on custom made invoice, statement and order formats.


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