Friday, 10 April 2015

Get Install Instructions and Password

For those users using Microsoft Access 2010 or later, Double click on icebergo file in the downloaded package and open the software, ignore the Microsoft Macro Security Message and click Open, you will be prompted for User Name and Password, Select User Name as 'Admin' and type Password as '12345' and start using the software.

If you are using Microsoft Access 2007 (< Service Pack 2) or do not have Microsoft Access on your Computer, follow Link to Free Download and Install Microsoft Access Runtime support for Icebergo Accounting Software.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Removing Macro Security Message

Access 2007 and later versions of Access use trusted locations as a security measure to help prevent users opening a database from an unknown source. Typically, if you open a database that is not in a trusted location, Access will display a security message asking if you want to open the file. With the full version of Access trusted locations can be added manually using the trust centre, for this follow the steps provided below:
  1. Open Microsoft Office Access 
  2. Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Access Options. 
  3. In the left pane of the Access Options dialog box, click Trust Center. 
  4. In the right pane, under Microsoft Office Access Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings. 
  5. In the left pane of the Trust Center dialog box, click Trusted Locations. and then click Add New Location 
  6. Browse to the folder in which the Icebergo Accounting Software is located and then click OK 
  7. Once the Software is located in a Trusted Location, the Security Message at startup will be removed.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Access Runtime Information

The Icebergo Accounting Software is developed in Microsoft Access 2007 and runs on Microsoft Access 2007 or later (a member of the Microsoft Office Professional Family).

But What if one does not have the Microsoft Access 2007 installed on his Computer, does he have to Purchase a Full Version of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Package to Run the Icebergo Accounting Software?... The Answer is a big No

Thanks to Microsoft for providing Free Runtime Support for its Microsoft Access Package, With the Runtime installed User’s can run the Icebergo Accounting Software in the same manner as it runs on a Computer with Full Version of Microsoft Access Installed.

So if you do not have Microsoft Access 2007 (Service Pack 2 or Later) installed on your Computer, Kindly proceed to Microsoft Download Center by clicking on any of the respective link below to Free Download and Install the Microsoft Access Runtime (Donwload 32 Bit Only - Icebergo will work on all Runtimes provided below, so download any runtime according to your preference).

Access Runtime 2007 (size : 56.2 mb) - Recommended

Access Runtime 2010 (size : 175.5 mb)

Access Runtime 2013 (size : 212.3 mb)

Please check the System Requirements while installing the newest version of Microsoft Access Runtimes, Also match the file size on this page with the file size on the Microsoft Download Page to make sure that you are downloading the 32 Bit Version of the Runtime.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Changing Default Password

After download and installation of the Icebergo Accounting Software, it is highly recommended that users change the default Admin Password for enhanced security and to avoid unauthorized access as the default password is publicized through the Icebergo website and video tutorials.

For changing the default Password kindly follow the procedures below:

Open the software by clicking on the software icon, you will be prompted for User Name and Password, Select User Name as Admin and Type Password as 12345 and press ENTER once on the Keyboard, The Change Password button will be activated, Now click on the Change Password button and change default password by entering the new password in the Change Password Form

Monday, 6 April 2015

Explaining the Keyboard

After login with the correct User Name and Password, the Keyboard opens with a variety of buttons and Parameter fields, The buttons include, Purchase, Sales, Payment, Receipt, Ledgers, Statement and Admin, on clicking which will open the respective forms for Data Entry.

In the middle of these buttons, we can find the Contacts button or the Search Button (Contacts button in case of Free General Version and Search button in the case of Customized Version), The Contacts button opens the Contacts form where contacts can be Registered which can then be used as Vendor or Customer in the Purchase Form and the Sales Form.

Other than the buttons we can find Date fields as From Date and To Date, these date fields are Parameter fields for taking certain reports in the ribbon or forms where there is no specific fields for entering dates. Entering the From and To Dates in these fields will return the reports with data between these dates.

Selecting any particular Job or Branch in the Job/Branch Combo box will limit all reports to the Job or Branch respectively. leaving the Combo box empty will return Reports with all records irrespective of any Job or Branch.

Another thing that we can find on the Keyboard is Selector Combo boxes where we can select any previous Invoice or Purchase Order to view as Quick Preview without getting into the respective Registers.

The Keyboard also accommodates the Image links to Icebergo Tutorial Blog, the Icebergo Facebook Page and a Link to the Customize Now Page, where users can interact with the Developer of Icebergo and Customize the Software to their Business Name and Address.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Backup Your Icebergo

Data recovery and repair of the database (software) is not possible in the rare and unlikely event of a database corruption, To avoid data loss and interruption in work flow, regular backup of the software to a flash drive or at least to another location on the same computer is recommended.

The above task can be simplified by using a free automatic backup software like Cobian Backup, Create a task and schedule the backup software to backup Icebergo when the system starts or as per other schedules as convenient.

Keep your antivirus software up-to-date and never shut down the computer or let disconnect from power supply without closing the Icebergo Accounting Software

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Deleting Sample Data

The Free General Version of Icebergo Accounting comes with sample data included for demonstration purpose, For those users using the Free Version, the sample data can be deleted before commencing the use of the Free Version by following the steps mentioned below:

Open the Sales or Purchase Register and select the sample invoice or Sample Purchase Order to be deleted from the combo box (black colored box) adjacent to the Edit button on the top right of the Registers.

After selecting the sample invoice or sample purchase order to be deleted click on the Edit button and then press Tab on your Keyboard, this will open the selected sample invoice or purchase order for editing.

Once the sample invoice or purchase order is open for editing go to the subform and delete all the bill of materials, To delete the bill of materials it is same as in Microsoft Excel, just select the rows and click on Delete Records button on the Ribbon. After deleting click on the REFRESH button the Invoice amount or the Order amount will be returned to Zero and the invoice or Purchase Order will not show in any of the reports or statements.

The Process of deleting Bill of Materials is further demonstrated in the Video Tutorial 2

However, Already registered Purchase Orders, Invoices, Receipt Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, General Vouchers, Vendors and Materials cannot be deleted from the database, they can only be edited and replaced with new entries without the ability to change their References and Codes.

Alternatively, If you find it difficult to follow the above process or do not want to take the trouble, just click on the link provided below and pay a small price to download the same freeware without the sample data in the database.